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Logisticare, began operations in 1983, it is a full-service logistics supplier offering storage,
bonded warehousing, distribution, trucking and freight forwarding,
inventory management and control and other added - value services.

As the leader in its field, and the first provider of TPL (Third Party Logistics) services in Israel,
Logisticare, a fully owned subsidiary of Maman,
offers the full range of services for SCM (Supply Chain Management)
to companies throughout the country.

Where Service Comes First - as the foremost logistics company operating from
13 spacious and modern facilities located around the country,
encompassing some 200,000 square meters of storage and distribution space,
of which some 70,000 are enclosed under one roof,
Logisticare is committed to the quality of its services and operations.
Using the best and newest information technology and computer systems,
together with the professionalism of its 700 highly skilled employees,
Logisticare customers are assured of receiving the service they require.

Logisticare has been awarded and operates under ISO 9002.

Do you have stored documents that you need easily accessed? If so, you are invited to join the ever growing and impressive group of satisfied customers who are using the quality services of Archive 2000, the leading repository and archival storage company in Israel.

Using the latest computer and barcode scanning technologies, Archive 2000 offers you the capabilities of locating and retrieving your stored files at anytime, even via the internet.

Archive 2000 presently stores some 20 million files and 500,000 storage boxes in its 7,000 square meters of modern archival storage facilities. In addition, its highly skilled collection teams, operating 6 designated collection vehicles, picks up and processes files and documents from customers around the country.


GHI - Ground Handling services Israel Ltd.
The company owned by Maman - Cargo Terminals and Handling.

The personnel of GHI are well trained, experienced and qualified in
accordance with international standards as per the IATA recommended
practices and the airlines regulations.

GHI is a certified accredited user of AHS 1000.

The aim of GHI is to provide services related to aircraft ground handling
to more than 3,000 flights per year, at the three International airports of
Israel - Ben-Gurion, Ovda and Eilat.

The services provided include the following:

Airline Representation
Cargo/Mail Handling and Documentation
Passenger and Baggage Handling
Flight Operations
Ticketing and Reservation
Aircraft Ramp Supervision and Flight Coordination
Load Control and Flight Documentation
Crew Administration

The services are tailored to the strict requirements of its clients, to both schedule and charter carriers and also to General Aviation/Corporate operators and cargo flights.
Tal Limousine, jointly owned by Maman and Knafaim, offers private and comfortable limousine service to and from Ben Gurion International Airport. Operating 24 hours a day, Tal`s luxurious and spacious fleet of vehicles, with space for up to 11 persons, will pick-up and safely deliver you or your guests to their final destination.

In addition, Tal Limousine offers the following additional services:
Business travel throughout the country.
Private touring excursions - where your guests will personally experience the beauty of the country.
Airport welcoming services.

For reservations and information please call us at our offices:

Sunday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Friday -                      10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday -                 3 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Telephone:              972-3-972-1703

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Where air passengers are treated like Royalty.

Royal Services, a division within Maman, specializes in providing personal and exclusive VIP services for air passengers arriving or departing the country, saving time and hassle for both the traveler and his host at Ben Gurion International Airport.

Based upon your needs and your budget, Royal Services offers several different VIP packages. They:

Personal accompaniment throughout the security screening process.
Handling of all flight check-in and passport control procedures (without having to enter the passenger halls).
Hosting at the airport VIP lounges.
  Private transfer to and from the aircraft.
  Assistance with any flight problem.
  Transportation to and from your hotel.
  Transportation to and from any location throughout Israel.
  Private tour guides in luxurious private vehicles.

For reservations and information please contact us at our offices:
Sunday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday                        8:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Telephone: 972-3-973-1314
Fax:              972-3-973-1312


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Maman Aviation provides GSA passengers and cargo services to airlines.

As part of the Maman Group - a dynamic leading logistics and
aviation services corporation in Israel -
Maman Aviation offers its customers top service performance
for passengers combined with cargo and handling operations.
With airlines looking for cost reduction and leaner economics,
we offer an outsourcing solution for passengers and cargo services.
This efficient approach offers airlines increased flexibility and
enables them to concentrate on core business.

As the sole operator of the cargo terminal at Ben Gurion Airport,
Maman understands the needs and requirements of airlines.
Our professional and experienced staff,
who are thoroughly acquainted with the Israeli market,
are committed to the airlines success.

We believe in fostering close relationship and understanding with our customers,
providing them with the best professional and most reliable and efficient service.
All our staff is not only rigorously trained,
but also receive extensive on-the-job training,
enabling them to provide reliable and efficient service to the customer's complete satisfaction.
It is our policy to serve our clients best with personalized service.

As a member of the Maman Group, Maman Aviation benefits from
the close acquaintanceship with airline methods and policies.
The company is backed by the latest communications technology and systems.
These technological capabilities enable us to offer
our customer's real time updated service.

Our dedicated team of sales and marketing people is committed to
maximizing sales and profit yields of our customers.
We offer efficient documentation, fast and accurate billing and accounting,
tracking and tracing, all in according to the specific requirements of each airline.

Maman Aviation supports its GSA operations with a varied range of services:

Dedicated reservations & ticketing staff - passengers & cargo
Passengers & cargo sales
Extensive marketing support
Effective accounting back-up and automated accounting infrastructure
Cargo operation
Dedicated telephones lines
Online booking
Tracking and tracing
Passengers & cargo sales reports to airlines
Fast billing and accounting
Ground handling
VIP Handling
VIP Services
Mrs. Bracha Ben Eli was nominated as the CEO of MAMAN AVIATION
Mrs. Ben Eli, well known in the Israeli and the international airline markets,
has intimate knowledge of the international and Israeli air travel market,
Commercial & Industry Affairs for El Al Israel Airlines.

Maman Cargo & Security Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary
of Maman Cargo Terminals & Handling Ltd. and a member
of the Maman Group.

Areas of Activity:
The Company specializes in consulting, planning
and solution assimilation services for clients in
Israel and abroad in the fields of control and
supervision of logistic processes, cargo security and
the logistic chain for the prevention of loss and
shortages of goods in the organization.
The Company specializes in consulting and planning
for the establishment of security systems for logistic
and distribution sites.
Consultation and definition of customized solutions.
Dedicated training and courses as required by the
customer, at the customer's premises in Israel and abroad.
Background and Experience :

Maman Cargo & Security was established in 2003,
incorporating experts and skilled professionals possessing
know-how and considerable experience accumulated in the
twenty-eight years of operation of Maman Cargo Terminals
& Handling's Security and Control Department. The
Department has proven its efficiency in accomplishing
extremely low loss/depreciation targets at Maman's cargo
terminal and in all subsidiaries in the Maman Group, and is
among the domestic and world leaders in terms of know-
how, tools, experience and understanding in its field.

Description of Operations :

The Company supplies check-in/check-out services
for export and import cargoes, based on Maman's
many years' experience in air cargo handling in
Israel. The process is tailored to the customer's
needs in the air/sea/land shipping of import and
export cargoes, using the appropriate technological
means for the customer's requirements.

Contact Us:
CEO, Mr. Oron Taussig , fax +972.3.9732502
Cargo Security Manager, Mr. Banchik Shaul, fax+972.3.9732502



Maman Euro Logistic

Maman Operating A Logistic Center For
Exporters and Importers in the Czech Republic
in a Forward Center For Storage and
Distribution in Central and Eastern Europe

The Maman Group is now operating and managing a new logistic facility in
the Czech Republic, on the German border.
The Company's storage and distribution site covers some 80,000 m2,
of which approximately 18,000 m2 are in a built-up warehouse.
The logistic compound provides logistic outsourcing services to an
international corporation with broad scale operations in CEE.

The Compound serves as a forwarding logistic site, to which freight from
different countries in Western Europe is sent and from it is forwarded to the countries of Eastern Europe
by means of an extensive distribution system. Dozens of local workers are employed at the site,
with an Israeli management team providing services 24 hours a day,
365 days a year. The site prides itself with advanced infrastructures,
comprising information and computerization systems, as well as a safety
and highest of standard security system.

Services provided to our customers include:
Reception and storage
Inventory Management of all types
Added value services
Bonded warehouse + add value import/export services
Coordination of distribution and related activities
Quality control procedures

The logistic site is capable of serving as a forward storage and distribution
site(hub) for importers and exporters from Israel, providing distribution
services (to Eastern and Central Europe) TPL (Third Party Logistics), added
value services (assembly, packaging, labeling, division and repacking in
secondary units), and more.
In addition, inputs and freight from different European countries can be received
at the site and then forwarded to Israel in bulk through the import procedure.

The site's operation is offered to Israeli Exporters and importers, with Maman
performing the logistic activity according to service specifications determined
in conjunction with the customer and subject to quality control activities.
A project manager in Israel will maintain constant contact with the
exporter/importer and will be responsible for controlling and supervising
activity at the site in coordination with the Israeli site manager.

For more details about our company you can download our corporate presentation or call
Lior Frumkis, Business Development Manager at:

Office Phone : 972+3+9715866
Mobile: 972 + 54 + 4345706
Email :
To download the presentation : Click here !

Logisticare Bonded is a fully owned subsidiary of Logisticare,
bonded warehouse services.

The company offers logistic services for imported goods from the time the goods
are unloaded at the docks until the goods are delivered to the customer. The
services are provided at the company's Bonded warehouses in the Industrial park
in Ashdod (near the port). The Warehouses cover 9.5 acres of land, of which
18,000 square meters are roofed storage. On site conveying equipment includes
forklifts with 25 tons of leverage. The site is managed by modern management
and control systems.

Main services:
Conveying cargo containers from the port to Logisticare Bonded warehouses.
Storing goods in roofed warehouses or in containers located within the bonded perimeter.
Storage of motor vehicles.
Free style roofed storage services.
Partial release and packaging services.
Distribution services to businesses and end customers (B2B, B2C).

Bonded Manager : Shimeon Ben-David
Phone : 972-8-8564435 , 972-8-8566340
Fax : 972-8-8565584
Mobile : 972-54-900012

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