Maman is proud to present her OnLine Service, where you can get real-time information about your activities at Maman. press here for registration.

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  Maman proudly unveils this innovative and revolutionary service, allowing you to execute queries and receive up-to-the-minute information concerning your consignments.

Two paths are available to our users:

Maman On-Line for general use - Provides on-line information concerning shipment status and fee calculation. Just enter any of the queries and enjoy the benefits available to all our users.

Maman On-Line for subscribers - Provides detailed queries to the subscriber, including coordination of consignment activities, message retrieval, and execution of on-line transactions to and from Maman's information systems.

Now is the time to register and begin to benefit from the wide variety of resources available at Maman OnLine. If you have already subscribed, enter your identification information.
If not, press here to register.

The Maman OnLine service employs advanced data security techniques. Entry requires a user id and password, so as to assure maximum safeguarding of data and confidential information.

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